Founding of the Artist Placement Group (then: Art Placement Group) as charitable trust APG Research Limited.

First APG publication, co-authored by Barbara Steveni (then Barbara Latham) and Joan Hills.


“The Dialectic” or “Think Tank”: Regular meetings at the Latham’s home in Portland Road.

With Barry Flanagan, David Hall, Anna Ridley, Jeffrey Shaw, John Latham, Maurice Agis, Ian Macdonald-Munro, and others.


APG-event: Industrial Negative Symposium at the Mermaid Theatre, London, with Billy Klüver (Experiments in Art & Technology/EAT), and others.


Garth Evans: Placement / fellowship with British Steel Corporation (1969–1971).

David Hall: cooperation with British European Airways.

Founding of “NOIT Panel”, the artist panel of the APG. Members: Stuart Brisley, Barry Flanagan, David Hall, John Latham, Jeffrey Shaw.

APG Publication Noit Now.


Formation of APG Research Limited. APG turns into a company limited by guarantee.

Andrew Dipper: placement at Esso Petroleum Corporation.

John Latham: self-assigned placement at Clare Hall Hospital.

Leonard Hessing: placement at ICI FIbres Ltd. (1970–1971).

Stuart Brisley: placement at S. Hille & Co. Ltd. (1970–1971).

Ian Mcdonald Munro: feasibility study at the National Post Office Design Centre.

Ian Mcdonald Munro & John Latham: feasibility study at Brunel University, financed through an IBM grant.

APG publishes its ‘Inserts’ in eight consecutive issues of Studio International magazine (April 1970–December 1971).


David Hall: self-assigned placement with Scottish Television

John Latham: self-assigned placement with Protheus Bigging engineering company (1972–1973)

Alan Sekers and Barry Flanagan: placement at resin manufacturer Scott Bader Company Ltd.

APG exhibition: between 6 at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

APG exhibition: inn7o / Art and Economics at Hayward Gallery, London


Public controversy over APG in Studio International magazine (articles by S. Brisley, G. Metzger, J. Latham, J. Harten). Stuart Brisley, Barry Flanagan, Ian MacDonald Munro resign from the APG artists panel and John Latham and Barbara Steveni resign from their positions within APG.

The Arts Council takes the decision to withdraw funding.

“Civil Service Memorandum” (or “Whitehall Memorandum”) negotiated by Barbara Steveni, encouraging government departments to consider APG placements.

APG open day event at the Institute for Contemporary Arts (ICA), London.


Ian Breakwell, David Parsons: feasibility study, British Transport Film Unit.


George Levantis: placement at Ocean Fleets Ltd.

The Arts Council resumes funding of the APG.


Roger Coward, with Gavin Brown, Roland Lewis, Evadne Stevens, Frances Viner: placement at the Department of the Environment, with Birmingham Inner Area Study Team, first government placement.

APG exhibition: New Profession: Industries, New Towns, Government at Garage Gallery, London.

Terminology: the “Incidental Person” (I.P.) concept first appears.

Jeffrey Shaw: feasibility study at National Bus Company.

John Latham: feasibility study at Scottish Office, Edinburgh (1975–1976).


Ian Breakwell and Hugh Davies: feasibility study at the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS).

Ian Breakwell: placement at Broadmoor and Rampton Hospitals, DHSS.

David Toop: placement / Fellowship at the Centre for Life Studies, London Zoo.

Stuart Brisley: placement at Peterlee Development Corporation (1976–1977).


APG presentation: The Incidental Person Approach to Government at Joseph Beuys’ Free International University, documenta 6, Kassel.

Ian Breakwell show at the ICA hosts APG event.

Roger Coward exhibition You And Me Here We Are: What Can be Said to be Going On at Royal College of Art, London, including one-day seminar by the APG.

APG exhibition: Kunst als Soziale Strategie in Institutionen und Organisationen at Bonner Kunstverein.

Meetings with representatives of the EEC commission, Brussels, with a subsequent grant for the APG.


Ian Breakwell, Hugh Davies, Bill Furlong, David Toop: placement with the interdisciplinary Reminiscence Aids team at the DHSS.

APG exhibition: The Incidental Person Approach To Government at Whitechapel Gallery, London.

APG week with daily live events at Riverside Studios, London.

APG visits to Germany, meetings with government officials in Bonn, collaboration with German APG members Rolf Sachsse and Ros Sachsse-Schadt.


Arts Council funding ceases.

APG discussion titled Un certain Art Anglais at Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris, together with Hervé Fischer of the french group Art Sociologique.

APG exhibition: Kunst als soziale Strategie at Galerie nächst St.Stefan and discussion with Austrian government officials and artists at Museum Moderner Kunst, Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna, sponsored by Mobil.

APG Research Ltd. reconstitutes as an independent artist consultancy.


Several APG meetings and policy discussions in Paris, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Bonn, Brussels.


John Latham and Klaus vom Bruch: feasibility study on road safety, at Federal State Ministry for Economy, Business and Traffic of North-Rhine Westphalia under Minister Reimut Jochimsen.


APG is replaced by O+I (Organisation and Imagination), mainly acting as a research and consultancy organisation.

For a more comprehensive chronology, please see also: http://www.ravenrow.org/texts/43/